Emerging Technologies at Exhibition Stands: Events Go Tech!

Visuals play a key role in the digital world for displaying promos, latest gadgets; for many events, visuals are core to the entertainment. At concerts, see those majestic video walls shooting background video and SFX at you. At many corporate events, touch screens allow visitors to interact with the event offerings. Another example, at art […]

3D Display Software – The Magic For Corporate Events

  You have the assets, and you have the 3D animation ready to go, and up on the 3D displays at your event. Problem is – people are not stopped in their tracks. It is not reaching out and grabbing potential prospects at trade shows. The client’s product might as well be in a warehouse […]

Are Expensive Hologram TVs Rising To 3D TVs without Glasses

Right now, it is quite common for an event management company involved with digital clients to adopt a hologram TV approach. Though, most event companies have not considered the ongoing and rising costs of hologram TV as compared to 3D TVs without glasses carrying a slimmer price tag. Even as hologram TVs flourish at events, […]

Is 3D TV a Fad? No, Not For Business Use with 3D TV Without Glasses

Back in 2006, long before 3D TV Without Glasses, electrical brands buzzed with excitement as Sony, LG and Panasonic unveiled their 3D TVs to the public. Even at a high price, consumers stopped to think about how the TV would tech up the lounge entertainment. All brilliant, yes. Well, No. And let’s look at the […]

Techno Snowball At The exclusive media launch of HowtoAV.tv Internet TV

Techno Snowball have enjoyed attending the exclusive media launch of  internet TV channel HowtoAV.tv today on Thursday 25th June 2015. It has been an opportunity to show how our 3D TVs benefit companies at corporate events. Not to mention how we gasped at the VR gadgets and impressive AV equipment on show. HowtoAV.tv is a new online TV […]

The 3DTV Conference 2015 will be held on July 8-10, 2015, in Lisbon

Perfect 3DTV Conference in A Perfect Location Lisbon is the capital of Portugal, located on the north bank of the Tagus river, on the European Atlantic coast. Lisbon offers a wide variety of options to visitors, including heritage monuments whose history spans back thousands of years, antique neighbourhoods from where the city is developing since the […]

Autostereoscopy: The Wonder Of 3D Displays

Autostereoscopy: The Wonder Of Glasses-Free 3D for 3D Displays Talk To Us About 3D TVs and How To Use Them To Promote Your Products at Events, Trade Shows, Business Seminars and more. Auto 3-D (autostereoscopic imaging) Auto 3-D, more formally known as autostereoscopic imaging, is a display technology that enables a 3-D (three dimensional) effect […]

The History of 3D television – Evolution of 3D TV without glasses

The History of 3D television A Look At The History Of 3D TV Leading To 3D TV without glasses History of 3D TV can be said to have begun around 300 BC, when Euklides, a Greek scientist discovered human binocular vision. Later, Leonardo da Vinci developed theories on creation of images in 3 dimensions. Numerous […]