The History of 3D television – Evolution of 3D TV without glasses

The History of 3D television

A Look At The History Of 3D TV Leading To 3D TV without glasses

History of 3D TV can be said to have begun around 300 BC, when Euklides, a Greek scientist discovered human binocular vision. Later, Leonardo da Vinci developed theories on creation of images in 3 dimensions. Numerous scientists over the years have tried to develop methods by which 3D effects could be reproduced in images and movies. Interest in 3D image technology grew along with movie and photography technology, and this continued till the beginning of World War II. During the World War, 3D image technology experienced a decline of interest, which lasted for several years to come.

The History Of 3D Technology

The long history of 3D technology can be drawn the way back to the start of photography. A new invention by David Brewster in 1844, Stereoscope could take 3D photographic images. At the Great Exhibition in 1851, a picture of Queen Victoria taken by Louis Jules Duboscq, using the improved technology became very well known throughout the world. Soon, the craze for steroscopic cameras caught on and these were quite commonly used by World War II. Read on to gather more info on history of 3D technology.

In the coming years, there were further improvements in the technology, as the history of 3D technology reveals. Kinematascope, a stereo animation camera was invented, followed the first anaglyph movie was produced in 1915. In 1922 the first public 3D movie, “The Power of Love”, was produced and it was in 1935 that the first 3D Color movie was produced.

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