3D Display Software – The Magic For Corporate Events


You have the assets, and you have the 3D animation ready to go, and up on the 3D displays at your event. Problem is – people are not stopped in their tracks. It is not reaching out and grabbing potential prospects at trade shows. The client’s product might as well be in a warehouse somewhere despite an impressive 3D display on a TV. Apart from the excellent 3D walls and various 3D digital signage options to get the attention of a customer at an event, the 3D needs to reach out and offer an impact that will place an indelible memory image of the product firmly in the customer’s mind.

This is where a glasses free 3D TV hits the ground running. And we have the 3D Display Software to convert your standard assets into glasses free 3D content.

The products appear to swirl around neat sweet spots as folks walk by an exhibition stand armed with a 3D TV stand – no glasses required. And how does that magic come about. 3D Software available to Techno Snowball enables developers to weave 2D to 3D conversions.

Back in 2011, Mixture was released for the creation of 3D content and compositing tools for the 3D elements. This was accompanied by plugins able to take advantage of the playback of the 3D content. For us, this is called Enabl3D content and part of our proprietary 3D content display magic for all 3D displays. Enabl3D essentially provides developers with the ability to convert 2D content to its 3D auto stereoscopic enabled format. This plug-in allows 3D artists to gather their client 3D assets and easily convert to the glasses free 3D format. During the development cycle, the 3D displays can be checked in our Fuzion media player.

Some features of the Mixture 3D content tool we use to convert your assets:

  • Real-time video editing and compositing
  • Supports both 32 and 64 bit platforms
  • H.264 input and output
  • Support for After Effects development
  • Plugins to allow a 3D artist to develop 3D assets in either 3D Studio Max or Maya. Many firms use these software titles so no worries on the conversions.

If you want to talk to us about how we can help you convert your assets from 2D to 3D stereoscopic enabled graphics, ask us about 3D displays and our suite of tools able to produce those floating and flying 3D displays.


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